Recent Projects

Some parents have called it the Utopia of Kindergartens, a place where able-bodied children come for "disability immersion" in the special needs setting of the Bloorview MacMillan Centre. Our crew has called the class a "goldmine of stories" of incredible kids in a wonderful setting with teachers that are exceptional. Symmetree media's latest documentary, "How Come You Walk Funny?" takes us into the unique mixed-ability kindergarten class of teachers Heather Gilman and Paul Alcamo, and the worlds of parents Alison Bowen and Cecilia Chan, as they try and revolutionize attitudes, social preconceptions, early childhood education theory and Canadian ideals of inclusion both within and beyond the classroom.

The feature-length version (79 minutes) of "How Come You Walk Funny?" is being distributed by
Parentbooks, 201 Harbord Street, Toronto, Ontario M5S 1H6
P: 416.537.8334 or 1.800.209.9182

A shorter version (46:30 minutes) has aired on Discovery Health Channel Canada, Knowledge Network and SCN and is being distributed by

Fanlight Productions,
4196 Washington Street, Suite 2, Boston, MA 02131
P: 617.469.4999, F: 617.469.3379

The Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada (TSFC) is distributing "Circle of Support: A Practical Guide to Tourette Syndrome for Educators". Available in English and French, "Circle of Support" is the first of series of videos Symmetree media has produced for the TSFC and can be ordered at "Tourette is Powerful" a 9-minute video for children will be available in Spring 2005.
Our Gemini-nominated production, "Life's a Twitch", is being distributed by the National Film Board of Canada. For details please click here for more information.