The Twitch Team

Cindy Bisaillon
Chris Romeike
Tina Hahn

Tourette Syndrome is a neurological disorder that results in involuntary sounds and movements.. 100,000 people across Canada have Tourette’s, about 1% of the population.. Among the general public, TS is still little known or understood. Duncan is enlightening the world, one speaking engagement and web site hit at a time.

Cindy Bisaillon, the director of Life’s a Twitch, was introduced to Duncan by her sister-in-law, Heather Gilman. The two women instantly recognized Duncan’s ability to charm the camera. What they did not realize was the camera’s ability to reveal Duncan’s hidden fears and history, the Secret Dunc, as it came to be called. Weaving the Secret Dunc with the Professional Dunc became the core of a documentary pitch that Cindy made to Tina Hahn.

Tina had met Cindy at the 2000 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival where she was selected as a Market Mentorship candidate. Cindy had won a Market Mentorship for Hot Docs the previous year, and the two immediately hit it off. By the end of the festival, they had decided they had to work together. Duncan McKinlay presented the perfect opportunity.

To round out the team, Tina introduced Cindy to Chris Romeike, a freelance cinematographer and director. Chris worked with Tina in the summer of 2000, shooting a one-hour documentary that Tina produced for ASpace Gallery, Passionate Involvement. Cindy was immediately captivated by Chris’ visual style and easy-going nature, and the Twitch Team came to be.