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Cindy Bisaillon
Chris Romeike
Tina Hahn

Cindy Bisaillon, Director

Cindy Bisaillon is a writer and director with a veteran track record in the art of telling stories.. Her 25 years of documentary-making for CBC Radio’s Ideas have given her a solid set of versatile skills, researching, interviewing, editing, directing, writing. Her series of one-hours include In Quest of the Grail, Octavio Paz, Frida Kahlo, Hector Villa Lobos, and a one hour music special, The Gospel According to Leonard Cohen.

Her five years of TV directing ride well on this strong base of experience. She has produced numerous short pieces for Vision’s Spirit Connection. She was field producer on a 13 part series for WTN, Spiritual Journey, executive producer, Barbara Barde, Upfront Entertainment.

She has also written arts and travel features for various publications including The New York Times and The Globe and Mail. Her book, Mysterious Islands, Lynx Images, 1999, received high praise.

Her documentary concept, Black Madonna: Transforming the Dark, in development with Vision TV, led to a collaboration with the music emsembles, La Nef and Toronto Consort in April 2001 in the concert In Search of the Black Madonna, performed at Toronto’s Trinity St.Paul’s, broadcast on CBC Radio.

She is currently shooting a pilot for her travel series, Finding Paradise.

Life’s a Twitch, her first film, is a _ hour OMDC Documentary Calling Card, produced by Tina Hahn, Symmetree media. It will be broadcast on TVO..

Cindy Bisaillon, Director - Filmography

* short pieces for Vision TV's Spirit Connection, including:
Parish Nursing, 1998, Black Youth, 1999
Nova Nada: An Elegy, 1999 Angel with a Flute, 1999
* writer/field producer on 13 part series of 1/2 hours, Spiritual Journey, 1999-2000,
exec.. producer Barbara Barde, Upfront Entertainment, broadcast on WTN, Vision

* production of over 100 radio documentaries, series of one hour programs for CBC Radio Ideas, including:
Mexico, 1975
Pablo Neruda; The Picasso of Poetry, 1982
Cuba: Twenty-five Years of Revolution, 1984
Octavio Paz, 1987
In Quest of the Grail, 1995
The Gospel According to Leonard Cohen, 1995
Frida Kahlo, 1996
Teresa of Avila, 1998

Black Madonna: Transforming the Dark, one hour doc with Vision
Finding Paradise, series of 1/2 hours

WORK IN PRODUCTION Life's a Twitch, 1/2 hour for TVO

AWARDS OFDC Documentary Calling Card, 2001
OFDC Hot Docs Market Mentorship, 1999