How Come You Walk Funny?

Tina Hahn, Producer/Director/Picture Editor

Tina Hahn is the founder of Symmetree media, a unique producer of programming that incorporates nature, health and spirituality with a multi-cultural perspective. In 2001, she produced and edited Life's a Twitch, a half-hour documentary celebrating difference through a profile of Duncan McKinlay, a young man with Tourette Syndrome that was directed by Cindy Bisaillon. Her work on Life's a Twitch earned Tina 2 Gemini Award nominations in the Best Science, Technology, Nature, Environment or Adventure Documentary Program and Best Picture Editing in a Documentary Program or Series categories.

Impressed by Twitch, the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada asked Symmetree media to produce a series of public service announcements and another series of training videos for them. Tina is the writer, director and producer on these projects, and will be releasing the first of these videos, The Circle of Support in English and French in 2004.
Tina has just finished producing and directing How Come You Walk Funny?, a one-hour documentary for the Discovery Health Channel Canada. Knowledge Network and SCN have come on board the project as second-windows and the film was the recipient of a License Fee Program grant from the Canadian Television Fund. Tina was selected to take this project and others to the Banff Television Festival as part of the National Screen Institute's Global Marketing Program and as a CTV Fellow.

Prior to producing Life's a Twitch, Tina was an in-house editor at Focus Productions and Trinity Square Video. She has edited the promo, commercials and trailers for the Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival for the last three years and edits regular video projects for Out 'N' About Productions, Occasional Outburst Video Associates and Sierra Leone Canada Watch. She also produced a one-hour documentary, Passionate Involvement, for ASpace Gallery on their CAB2000 project. In 2003, she worked with Cindy Bisaillon as picture editor and post-production supervisor on Cindy's second film, Healing at Lac Ste Anne. Produced for CBC Newsworld's Rough Cuts and APTN, the film was shot in 16x9 BetaSP and edited on Symmetree's in-house Media 100.

Tina Hahn has worked for the National Film Board of Canada and for independent filmmakers such as Christa Singer, Judy Jackson and Geeta Sondhi. She also served as the Artistic Director of Wide Focus a conference organized by the Diversi Film and Video Fund for filmmakers of colour and as the Treasurer of the Board of Directors for Trinity Square Video, Toronto's oldest video co-op. She is a graduate of Ryerson University's Media Arts program and was awarded two of Ryerson's highest awards: The Brian Segal Award and the Gold Medal for her academic achievement and participation with the student executive council.