How Come you walk funny?

1 hour for broadcast (46 minutes)
Feature-length version for festival release (79 minutes)

Enter the kindergarten of Paul Alcamo and Heather Gilman to experience a revolution in education.

The Integrated Kindergarten Program brings able-bodied kids into a setting designed for kids with disabilities and teaches ways to include everybody regardless of ability.

Watch a rambunctious class discover the common ground that unites them, and witness the challenges and inspirations their parents discover as they try to extend inclusion beyond the classroom.

How Come You Walk Funny?
was produced in association with Discovery Health Channel Canada,
Knowledge Network and SCN, with the participation of the Canadian Television Fund: Licence Fee Program, the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit, with the assistance of the Government of Ontario - The Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit and the generosity of the Learnx Foundation and June Hibbert.